I just received my first Covid19 shot at your clinic this morning.
Thank you! God bless your organization.
It was so well run.
..great organization.
With friendly well qualified staff. Very, very impressive.
Kenneth K

We just wanted to give you all a big, warm THANKS for administering our Covid vaccine shots. Every person we met or talked with was so professional and friendly, as well as efficient and sensitive to our needs and concerns. We are so appreciative of each of you sharing your time and your skills to help so many during a difficult time.
We hold each of you closely, in our hearts. Carol and Dave
Carol & John M

 appreciate your community service & well organized camp for the Covid  vaccine
Ashwini S

My wife and I received our first Covid shots today and I want to thank you all. I was somewhat apprehensive, but felt better when I saw how well the event was planned and conducted. You were all wonderful! Thanks for being there. 

Mike F

Just wanted to thank you and all your lovely people who worked at the NCS event today. This was my second time and in both cases your people have been wonderful. Thank you for helping the community and your contributions to our area.
Joseph J

 Thank you very much to all the vaccine clinic volunteers.  You are very much appreciated!
Janet L


As voluneer at vaccine clinic ,Yesterday a 75 year old lady came with walker along with her son I believe in his 50’s. He himself has lots of health issues and was using cane 🦯 to walk. The mother had registered online and she was confirmed to receive a vaccine. The son was not able to sign up. Mother decided to gave up her shot for her son. When I asked her why she wants to do that , she said “ I have leaved my life but would like to make sure that her son is safe”. Mother is a mother no matter what.


Kamlesh R


I would like to say Thank-you for sponsoring the vaccine clinic! It was run extremely well! I appreciate your commitment to our community.


Donna C

 Thank you SAAL for your assistance with vaccine clinics.  The experience was effortless and the volunteers welcoming.  I especially love the capes some of the volunteers were wearing because not just superheroes wear capes!  Thank you for giving up your precious time to help others.

Judy D

Dear SAAL,

First I want to say thank you so very much for the service you are doing for our community by offering the covid-19 vaccinations! This is such a helpful and needed service for our community! I was able to sign both of my parents, ages 84 and 85 for the vaccination clinic you are sponsoring with the NCS Pharmacy in Lancaster at the Wyndham Resort.
Terri A

We are residents of Calvary Homes, a senior living and health community in Manheim Township. My wife and I want to thank your Association and it’s participating members that have graciously given of their time to plan, operate and give of their gifts of service to provide the Pfizer shot to over 5,000 people.
Your service of taking on such an enormous challenge to provide the Pfizer vaccinations to prevent the spreading of the Covid-19 disease that has already caused the deaths of so many Americans has been a “God sent.”  My wife received her first shot at the Wyndham Motel on March 20th and we were very impressed by the organization of the vaccine service.  She is now waiting on the notice to appear again for her second shot.  Please accept of appreciation for your service to the Lancaster County community in your display of kindness, caring, compassion and love.  With great gratitude:    Dick & Pat
Richard & Patricia C

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In our busy schedules, it is quite easy to receive a gift, and forget to say thank you.  Becca and I have just returned from getting our first shot of Pfizer vaccine at the NCA/SAAL site.  We’re relieved to get the first and looking forward to getting the second!

 We’re certainly grateful to NCA, but wanted to say a special THANK YOU to SAAL.  So many things come to mind.  First, our neighbors made us aware of the opportunity, and for that we’re grateful.  We felt (and feel) cared for, after having been searching so many sites to try to get the vaccine.  So we’re thankful for our friends in the South Asian community who thought of us!

 Second, what an amazing testimony by SAAL of giving back to the community.  We could all learn so much from you!  When we went to your site this morning, I’m not sure what we expected beyond getting the vaccine.  What we experienced went so far beyond that.  A few thoughts:

  • You were so well organized!  Well done.  That in and of itself is greatly appreciated.  But more than that, you were so welcoming to us.  It easily could have been a very organized, yet distant or unfriendly experience.  But you went out of your way to make each person feel welcome.
  • You cared for us during our time waiting outside, keeping us apprised, and taking special care for those who were more elderly.  (Chet even came out to greet the group and apologize for the cold weather). 
  • You checked us in with a smile and conversation while we waited and then as we checked in, in a way that said you were glad we were there.  We actually felt “welcomed into your community”.  And that welcome was part of each check point along the way!
  • Perhaps most important (and humbling) as we thought about the experience, we saw a community (SAAL) coming together to give sacrificially of their time to serve their community in a very significant way.  So many cheerful volunteers from SAAL!  We don’t know what the discussions were leading up to the decision to take on this initiative, but it must have required members of the community to say “yes, we’re in; we want to serve.”  Such a powerful testimony!  .   

 These past few years have been politically charged, in ways that sought to marginalize.  Truly, a sad and difficult chapter for our country!  You (SAAL) are a shining testimony to the beauty of welcoming and celebrating our brothers and sisters from around the world, of building relationships, and the immeasurable gifts of culture, friendship, and sacrificial contribution that you bring! 

We can’t thank you enough!

Phil and Becca S